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Our founding fathers were brave men of principle. Before the war for Independence, they were British
subjects. As British subjects they felt that taxes could not be passed without the people, through
representation, having a say in the matter. In their eyes they were being denied that right which was
outlined in the 1628 document called the Petition of Right. Thus came the phrase “Taxation without
representation.” Eventually the Americans got so tired of their rights being trampled that they kicked the
Britishes butts and sent them back to England.

In many ways I feel like we are having some of the same problems that our founding fathers were having.
The problem of no representation. Oh, we have elected politicians in Washington. Every seat in
congress is being stunk up by someone. I have a question to ask though. Are my representatives really
representing me? It doesn’t feel like they are. Every day my dollar is worth less, and my tax is costing
more. Every day my borders are being trampled, and my fellow citizens are being murdered. We are on
the brink of losing our free market, and on the brink of a world war. What is being done about these
issues? Nothing. The only problem the government is worried about is how to collect more taxes for
more government spending, or destroy more of the fruit of a woman’s womb.

We keep blaming our problems on the last few presidents. We’ve gotten used to them issuing executive
orders like they are kings, and sometimes wondering why they don’t issue more. I am not saying they
should not bear any blame. They should, that is not how our government was meant to be run. However,
much of the blame should be placed on our legislative branch as well. The Constitution gives congress
the power of the purse. The Constitution gives congress the power to make law. The Constitution gives
congress the power to stop the invasion of our southern border. The legislative branch has a lot of power
that they don’t wield properly. Many of the executive orders the presidents pass are concerning subjects
our congress should be addressing. The executive branch should be enforcing and carrying out the law.
Not issuing executive decrees.

I don’t feel like anybody in either of the first two branches of government cares about the honest, hard
working, tax paying American citizens. They have learned to tax the honest citizens to buy the votes of
those who won’t do for themselves. They each probably consider themselves a real life Robin Hood.

Our Founding Fathers understood the purpose of government and natural law. By nature, or by God,
every man has rights. These rights among other things are life, liberty, property, and the noble pursuit of
happiness. The purpose of government is to secure these God given rights. Government obtains its
power from the governed. In other words we need and allow government to exist to give us order and
stability. For protection of our property, liberty, family, friends, and life. The government exists for us, not
us for the government. If government is making life hard on us then it is our duty and right to break ties
with the old and establish government anew. A government with elected representatives who work for the
good of the people they govern. People that work, own property, and pay taxes. People who are pursuing
happiness. A Free Republic is not for the tax gaining who are abusing the tax paying!

“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to
alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and
organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and

Our Patriot Forefathers were very smart people. They made it very easy to overthrow a tyrannical
government. Every six years in fact.
So why don’t we?

Rend Joseph Petersen


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