MASKS mandate Is Bate and switch

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President Joe Biden and his administration planned to appeal the decision by a federal judge on mask, mandate.

Ruling it was unlawful. Biden plans to appeal. That’s certainly their right to do, but are they concerned about the mask. I think not!

what they are appealing, is on right to be able to bypass Congress.

Pass any laws that suit their fancy.

The Americans voters will go to the voting booth, in about five months, and at this point The Dem are toast.  So there only altered, is to be able to put all kinds of mandates, in place, making it easier for liberal to vote, and harder for conservatives to stay home

A short Verizon on why it was struck down one laws has to be impartment by congress there is a waiting period, impute from American is needed Etc..

And that the way I see it

Cowboy Ron

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