Strongest solar storm in nearly 6 years slams into Earth catching forecasters by surprise

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Strongest solar storm in nearly 6 years hits Earth(NurPhoto/Getty Images)The most powerful solar storm in nearly six years slammed Earth today, but strangely, space weather forecasters didn’t see it coming. See how it sparked a G4 geomagnetic storm that sparked crazy auroras here. Full Story: Space (3/24) 

SpaceX rocket launches 56 Starlinks, lands at sea(SpaceX)SpaceX launched its 20th mission of the year on Frida, sending 56 of its Starlink internet satellites into orbit and landing the returning rocket in the Atlantic Ocean on the drone ship A Shortfall of Gravitas. Full Story: Space (3/24) 

Space Quiz: What did scientists name their space concrete for moon and Mars bases?Find out the answer HERE!MoonCreteStarCreteSpaceBricks

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