America Voter know There Ain’t no Easter Bunny or Tooth ferry

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It looks like The President Biden Administration is about to suffer one more defeat in the supreme court of the united states. The student loan forgiveness in all probability will be struck down because the president has exceeded his authority.

I believe he has. so now their are loading their guns to blame the republicans, or trump, or George Washington for being crude or not having a heart.

The American voter knows a scam when they see it and that is precisely what it is, The president is asking the people who paid the student loan to pay the loan for people who made a bad decision. True some may be deadbeats some just got there self in debt and can’t handle their financial obligations.

First Congress should take a long and hard look at the Studien loan program, I for on do not think it is a good idea for a minor to take on a forty thousand dollar debt for twenty years without the advice and consent of the parent or guardians. In fact, they should haft to sign that they have had a conversation with their child. I think in the future loan colleges should haft to sign a recourse for the loan in plane talk it means if the borrower caint or will not pay the loan off the college has to buy the loan back

We need the see if the student receives value for this loan, how much value even if they took a course that had no chance to return an income to pay for the loan, Did the school sell a minor program that would be of no value. Did the college do this knowing that a child was making a bad decision,and did not care since us taxpayers would be on the hook?

now each degree may have some value for eg how many subjects a would a studied take no matter what degree he or she pursued.

Bud in any case the president does not have the author, he can make recommendations to the us congress

And that the way I see it cowboy ron

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