Can we afford not to Help Ukraine

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Civilian deaths in Ukraine's Bucha were war crimes, Germany's Scholz says |  World News,The Indian Express

Congress will probably, Give Ukrain, 44 billion dollars of the American taxpayer hare earn money. I have lessened to both points of view. One they are fighting the good fight helping to keep the world free.

On the other side of the political fence, America is broke, our people are hurting. That is a true statement, we do not have a surplus of money at this time.

My question is will we have money if we go into ww3. No, that is a discussion for another day. Putian if he gets Ukraine defeated, it will only make him more hungrery for other lands, I know that and so do you. Where will he go next? Poland, Hungry, sooner or later he will attack a nato country. Then we will be in.

he succeeds, in all probability, China will go afteTlwain, then Rocketman, go after South Korea, Then the middle east go up in flames. can we afford not to help?

My best guess is about one Billion and half will die.

Back to the money side in my opinion, We dont have the money to support Urkarn but we cannot afford not to not help.

After a third world war, The cost to rebuild the world is what is left, the price tag has not been invented Yet

And that the way I see it cowboy Ron

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