John Fetterman’s health is not the issue

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John Fetterman’s health is not the issue Like all Americans I wish Mr. Futterman a speedy recovery but I do think that the news networks and talk radio mainly are wasting your time dwelling on his health that he would not be able to perform his jobs let’s look at his record as mayor he never came to work as they are in Congress now he does not come to work and more importantly what he stands for letting our murderers and rapists out of jail because it’s not nice to put them in there.

is not what the American people stand for crime is up in every major city and even smaller cities and I don’t see we should be dwelling on this guy.

while women cannot get on the subway and feel safe.

Why continuously why dwell on his health if you don’t know about to stroke then you don’t listen to the news or your Liberal Democrat which is going to vote for income hell high water.

If he could get in and somehow be able to let out 1/3 of these criminals, I wonder how many of his liberal Democrat friends he will put to the front of the line.

and that’s the way I see it cowboy Ron

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