Trump Reminds Iowa: ‘My Attitude Is What Gets Us There’

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Trump Reminds Iowa: ‘My Attitude Is What Gets Us There’


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By Eric Mack    |   Saturday, 18 November 2023 06:32 PM EST

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Vowing to “swamp them” in the 2024 Iowa caucus and presidential election, former President Donald Trump responded to attempts on the right to claim to be Trump without the “attitude.”

“Now, there may be some people that don’t like my attitude, but my attitude is what gets us there,” Trump told an Iowa Commit to Caucus Event on Saturday in Fort Dodge, Iowa, which he admitted was a smaller gathering than his usually full-blown rallies.

But the statements and campaign vows were as big as any, including speaking to those potential Iowa caucus voters saying they “want Trump policy without Trump.”

“Trump policy doesn’t work without Trump,” Trump said in response to his critics, “because they’re never going to be able to get it.”

The first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus — something Trump took a bow for having fought to maintain within the primary process — is less than two months away now, and Trump said he wants the first state to go to the polls to leave no doubt for the GOP choice for the 2024 presidential nomination.

“We have to send a great signal so maybe these people say, ‘it’s over; let’s get out of here,’ because we have to focus on Joe Biden,” Trump said of his GOP rivals.

“We have to really swamp them, and swamp them good.”

Trump hit most of his biggest rivals, including President Joe Biden and the “radical left Democrats” who have been unwinding his Trump administration policies and “destroying our country.”

“We are going to bring it back from hell, because that’s where we are,” Trump said.

Trump hailed Colorado being the latest state to beat back the Democrat-pushed effort to weaponize the 14th Amendment against their political opponent — in what Trump called a “ballot-rigging scheme” to block him from the ballot under the guise of Jan. 6.

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