Israel-Hamas live: Thousands flee to southern Gaza after Israeli warning

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Israel-Hamas live: Thousands flee to southern Gaza after Israeli warning

Palestinians flee their houses heading toward the southern part of Gaza Strip

By Federica MarsiMersiha Gadzo and Edna Mohamed

Published On 13 Oct 202313 Oct 2023

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  • Thousands have fled to southern Gaza after the Israeli army warned Palestinians to move out of the north of the besieged enclave before the expected ground offensive, Al Jazeera correspondents report.
  • UN says Israel gave residents 24 hours to move, calling such relocation “impossible”. Hamas calls Israeli warning “fake propaganda”, and tells residents to ignore order.

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  • 5m ago (15:03 GMT)Evacuation an ‘attempt to push Palestinians of Gaza into Nakba’Our correspondent Safwat al-Kahlout reported earlier that while thousands had fled after Israel’s evacuation order, most people in Gaza City and in the north of the enclave appeared to had stayed put.Reuters news agency has also put out a report saying that by Friday afternoon, there were no signs of any mass exodus from the north of the enclave.Gaza analyst Talal Okal described the Israeli relocation order as an “attempt to push the Palestinian people of Gaza into Nakba”.“Like they did in 1948 when they pushed people out of historical Palestine by dropping barrels of explosives on their heads, today Israel is repeating this before the eyes of the world and live cameras,” Okal told Reuters.Meanwhile, mosques in Gaza broadcast the message: “Hold on to your homes. Hold on to your land.”At Al-Shifa Hospital, a man who arrived to check on dozens of relatives and friends who were brought from the site of a bombarded residential building, said he had survived “so that I tell the enemy, America, Europe and the world that this Palestinian people will not be defeated”.“They think there will be another displacement, or that we may go Egypt. Nonsense,” he said, before going into the morgue to try and identify dead relatives.Click here to share on social media
  • 6m ago (15:02 GMT)Watch: How have dec

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