US Virgin Islands Prosecutor Who Sued JP Morgan Over Jeffrey Epstein Ties Suddenly Fired By Governor

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US Virgin Islands Prosecutor Who Sued JP Morgan Over Jeffrey Epstein Ties Suddenly Fired By Governor

Virgin Islands prosecutor

U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise N George, USVI Dept. of Justice video, Dec. 24, 2022, 70-acre Little St. James Island, aka “Pedophile Island,” (Google Earth)

Written by Dana Sanchez

Jan 04, 2023





The top U.S. Virgin Islands prosecutor, Attorney General Denise George, has been fired by her boss, Gov. Albert Bryan, days after she sued the largest bank in the U.S. in connection with her investigation of Jeffrey Epstein.

The late disgraced financier Epstein owned two private islands — commonly referred to as “Pedophile Island” in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Epstein died On Aug. 10, 2019, in a New York jail while awaiting trial on charges that he sexually abused girls on the island.

Attorney General George, who earned her law degree from Howard University Law School in 1984, reached a $105 million-plus settlement with Epstein’s estate in November 2022, plus half the proceeds of the sale of his “Pedophile Island.” The suit sought to end an enforcement action by Virgin Islands authorities



On Dec. 27, George filed a 30-page federal lawsuit in New York against JPMorgan Chase, accusing the bank of having “facilitated, sustained, and concealed” Epstein’s human trafficking network.

Epstein victims previously sued anonymously in two class action complaints, accusing JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank of “complicity” in the sex trafficking scheme, Law & Crime reported.

“JP Morgan turned a blind eye to evidence of human trafficking over more than a decade because of Epstein’s own financial footprint, and because of the deals and clients that Epstein brought and promised to bring to the bank,” the lawsuit alleged. “These decisions were advocated and approved at the senior levels of JP Morgan, including by the former chief executive of its asset management division and investment bank, whose inappropriate relationship with Epstein should have been evident to the bank. Indeed, it was only after Epstein’s death that JP Morgan belatedly complied with federal banking regulations regarding Epstein’s accounts.”

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