US Sen­ate pass­es bill to boost chip man­u­fac­tur­ing

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Now it’s Bangladesh’s turn to ask the IMF for a loan

The fi­nance min­is­ter told a lo­cal news­pa­per that while the coun­try has asked for a loan, it is ‘in no way in trou­ble’.

Published On 27 Jul 202227 Jul 2022

Signage outside the International Monetary Fund (IMF) headquarters in Washington, DC, US

Fifth Biden, Xi call ex­pect­ed on Thurs­day as ten­sions sim­mer

Tai­wan, Rus­sia’s in­va­sion of Ukraine and trade ex­pect­ed to be dis­cussed in ‘pret­ty ro­bust agen­da’ for talks.

Published On 27 Jul 202227 Jul 2022

A helicopter above a Taiwanese destroyer during the Han Kuang military exercises off Taiwan's northeastern coast.

Aus­tralia’s prices rise at fastest pace in over two decades

In­fla­tion ris­es to 6.1 per­cent in sec­ond quar­ter amid ex­pec­ta­tions of fur­ther in­ter­est rate hikes.

Published On 27 Jul 202227 Jul 2022

Australia shopping

Nige­ria’s ex­cess crude ac­count plunges as econ­o­my bleeds

The gov­ern­ment’s ac­coun­tant gen­er­al re­leased the fig­ures late on Tues­day but did not give a rea­son for the steep drop.

Published On 27 Jul 202227 Jul 2022

Muhammadu Buhari

Is the IN­STC Rus­sia’s new eco­nom­ic es­cape route?

The IN­STC, a pipe dream for years, is of­fer­ing a vi­tal eco­nom­ic es­cape path for Moscow as it bat­tles sanc­tions.

Published On 27 Jul 202227 Jul 2022

Russia's President Vladimir Putin and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India

In­done­sian Exxon­Mo­bil ac­cusers get day in court af­ter 21 years

US judge clears way for tri­al over al­leged hu­man rights abus­es by the oil gi­ant dur­ing the late 1990s and ear­ly 2000s.

Published On 27 Jul 202227 Jul 2022

Rosneft Exxon Mobil

Asia goes nu­clear as cli­mate, Ukraine ban­ish mem­o­ry of Fukushi­ma

Chi­na, Japan, South Ko­rea, In­dia and Pak­istan are bet­ting on nu­clear pow­er amid cli­mate cri­sis, en­er­gy se­cu­ri­ty fears.

Published On 27 Jul 202227 Jul 2022

South Korean nuclear plant

North Ko­rea’s econ­o­my shrinks for sec­ond straight year: BOK

GDP shrinks an es­ti­mat­ed 0.1 per­cent as bor­der clo­sures and lock­downs hin­der in­dus­tri­al ac­tiv­i­ty and trade with Chi­na.

Published On 27 Jul 202227 Jul 2022

Bloomberg logo

Chi­na seek­ing to in­fil­trate US Fed, se­nior Re­pub­li­can claims

Ohio Sen­a­tor Rob Port­man says Chi­nese au­thor­i­ties de­tained Fed em­ploy­ee in Shang­hai and copied their con­tact de­tails.

Published On 27 Jul 202227 Jul 2022

The US Federal Reserve building in Washington, DC.

Un­prece­dent­ed price hikes put the squeeze on Iran­ian ten­ants

Au­thor­i­ties are plan­ning to build more homes and con­trol ten­an­cy con­tracts to help ease the pres­sure.

Published On 26 Jul 202226 Jul 2022

Tehran cityscape

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