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 View in browser   |   Truckers News  Daily Report  HOME Survey: Public supports more truck parking … just not near their homes The survey found 95% of respondents support the construction of new overnight parking facilities for truck drivers, but the majority (80%) would only support facilities that are at least 3 miles from their homes. LIFE Shell Rotella auctions special Louisville Slugger to aid trucker fund The auction will run from 12 p.m. EST March 21 through 11:59 a.m. EST on April 5, with all proceeds going to St. Christopher Fund. NEWS Briefly: 40-year-old Missouri carrier now owned by its employees Carmakers take a page from Walmart’s playbook to turn existing employees into truck drivers to deliver cars. JOBS Driver Poll: Are you currently looking at other jobs? Thinking of making a move? Happy where you are? Take our brief poll. NEWS Love’s opens 3 new locations, reopens one closed by fire last February Love’s opens 3 new locations, reopens one closed by fire last February 

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