To much war talked by Democrats !!!

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The liberal Democrat needs to Learn to keep their big mouth shut. We may be able to stop ww3 if we play our card right. Nancy Pelosi getting, involved in this mess is going to make it only worth

Ukraine doesn’t want US boots on the ground, so give them the weapon they need. Russa is running out of time .there losing men, materials, and money. While Ukraine is getting battle harden becoming better each day.,

so you say that only Congress can approve and get us into a war. On paper that sounds great, but in reality that is not so. President Joe Bidden or any President can conduct a limited war for about Ninety days, if the Us is in danger,

also he can go to war to defend a treaty. That is where it becomes a problem. We have with many countries Around the world, they have Treaty with other countries. we may have a treaty in Europa They may have a treaty with a country in the middle east so if they get involved then we are Involved

If war comes that is one thing, but please quite telling our enemy what our game plan is

And That is the way I see it, Cowboy Ron

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