To die from a clean bomb, instead of a dirty bomb?

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To die from a clean bomb, instead of a dirty bomb?

At this point what difference would it make? when you’re dead you’re dead. My understanding of a clean nuclear bomb is this you can control the size of the area that it would destroy and does not contaminate the area but it does kill people it does not discriminate against men women small children and babies will be vaporized so quickly that they will never feel pain.

As we approach a third World War number OF articles will start appearing about the A clean bomn. I think Albert Einstein sums it up best when asked about going away with mustard gas in war s it more acceptable, we do this all the time we give it different names voice action defensive position the war will always be war, and death will always be final.

It’s been 60 years since the Second World War and 90 since first if you were factor in 19 million who died in First World War 55 million died in the Second World War projection would be a billion and 1/2 in World War three.

At this point can we stop it maybe but it’s gonna be very hard. Let’s examine a dictator the hunger for more real estate. When he gets more real estate especially if it is easy it does not quench this thirst. He hungers for more real estate so now when he goes after another country he has his army and also a new army that he is incorporated from the country that he captured probably, not as complicated as it sounds you kill off all the major generals bringing new ones giving titles money and you’ve got yourself a new second army

At this point, the only solution I can see is for president Biden to get Putin on the phone and offer him this ! if you agree to call off the war and go home Ukraine along with the United states will agree in writing that Ukraine cannot or will not seek membership in NATO for 15 years.

will this quince putains search for more land I don’t know my best guess is not it won’t but for the sake of humanity especially women and children we should give it a try

and that’s the way I see it cowboy Ron

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