This Tiny Brooklyn Company Is About to Upend the Aviation Industry

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This Tiny Brooklyn Company Is About to Upend the Aviation Industry

Air Company creates products like vodka and perfume from captured CO2. Now, their tech is being used to create sustainable jet fuel.

The back of a plane fueled by Air Company's new AIRMADE SAF

A company best known for vodka is now making a sustainable jet fuel

Air Company


Brooklyn’s Air Company captures excess CO2 from the air and transforms it into different products — a noble goal, to be sure. So far, this eco-friendly process has produced a really nice vodka, a fragrance, hand sanitizer and…a fuel that could transform the airline industry.

In late September, Air Company announced the launch of its Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) made from captured CO2, dubbed AIRMADE SAF. And this announcement wasn’t limited to mere proof of concept; JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic, Boom Supersonic and even the United States Air Force were listed as day-one partners, with commitments to purchase over one billion gallons of this CO2-derived jet fuel (the Air Force had already conducted an unmanned flight with AIRMADE SAF).

Why is this important? According to the company, aviation represents 2-3% of global CO2 emissions. With AIRMADE SAF — which creates their carbon-negative fuel using a technology that mimics photosynthesis (and is produced with renewable energy) — greenhouse gas emissions via air travel could be reduced by 97% compared to traditional jet fuel.

This sounds great, and I’ve visited Air Company’s HQ

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