This Is The Most Snow Arizona Has Ever Had

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This Is The Most Snow Arizona Has Ever Had

By Ginny Reese,1 day ago
Photo: Getty Images

Sledding, snow angels, and winter sports make snow an endless source of fun for both kids and adults. And Arizona has seen its fair share of snowfall .

24/7 Wall Street determined the most snowfall in state history. The website states, “To identify the places with the biggest snowfall in history in every state, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed historical snowfall data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Environmental Information database of Snowfall Extremes . The counties and county equivalents listed had the largest three-day snowfall on record in the state.”

So just how much snow has Arizona gotten?

The website states, “Surprisingly, perhaps, Arizona’s biggest three-day snowfall was even larger, at nearly 8 feet, in Coconino County, which encompasses Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, on Jan. 22, 2010.”

The state’s record snowfall took place in Coconino County . The largest one-day snowfall was three feet and six inches, the largest two-day snowfall on record was six feet and five inches, and the largest three-day snowfall was seven feet and 11 inches. All three records took place in January of 2010.

Check out each state’s snowfall record on 24/7 Wall Street’s website .


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Rhonda Graeber

22h agoWhite Mountains! 1968 6ft snow, roofs caved in if you didn’t shovel it off. It was nothing to walk to school or the bus stop in a foot of snow.Reply(1)5

Christine Miner

23h agoit snowed 8 ft in Flagstaff 1968, no school but that was the only snow days we got, I remember the last week of school in May it snowed 6 inches lol you will go to school in flag no matter whatReply5

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