The Inflation Reduction Act Has hidden Taxes. It’s just the old, bate and switches routine!

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The Inflation Reduction Act and Taxes is just the old, bate and switch!, Seater Joe Manchin is now the used car salesman of this boon doddle.

No taxes, on you and me,. There will be a tax on those evil corporations than make more than fifteen billion a year,

In businesses that serve America, coast to coast that is chunk change.

There are plenty of businesses that do more than fifteen Billion, if the bill passes will the I.R.S be able to lower the bar on paying taxes, without going back to congress

Let’s assume that there is a[[ one-hundred business that could be eligible for this tax. That is a trillion dollars in taxes.

What comes next, stay tuned. This corp will do one of three things. This is not what they are not telling us. ! corporations will move to another country, 2 they will lay off or build more corporations to take them below the fifteen billion mark. They will lay off employed

If all else fails they, will raise the price of their merchandise.

If that is not inflation I don’t know what inflation is.

Finally, this is a tax,it I s inflation with a vengeance. It is a big lie told to us by those who don’t what they are doing

And that’s the way I see it cowboy ron

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