Revisiting Mexico’s lawsuit against US gun trafficking

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Revisiting Mexico’s lawsuit against US gun trafficking

The Mexican government has filed a lawsuit to try to stop the flow of arms from the United States.

A Mexican soldier holds up a gun next to other weapons seized from alleged drug traffickers or handed in by residents.
A Mexican soldier holds up a gun next to other weapons seized from alleged drug traffickers or handed in by residents before they are destroyed at a military zone in Mexico City, Mexico. [Henry Romero/Reuters]

Published On 20 May 202220 May 2022


In Mexico, guns from the United States are a fact of life. The Mexican government estimates nearly 70% of guns trafficked into the country come from its northern neighbour. Meanwhile, a patchwork of weak gun laws in the US, where gun trafficking is not a federal crime, affects Mexico. The Mexican government is taking an unusual tack to try to stop the flow of arms: they have filed a lawsuit. With no sign of the cartel violence slowing, can a lawsuit stem the flow of guns to Mexico?


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John Holman, Al Jazeera correspondent (@johnholman100)

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