President Trump outdoes the Liberal Democrats once again.

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President Trump outdoes the Liberal Democrats once again. By now we’ve all heard his speech yesterday. And it was a great speech, he didn’t look back very much, I think he looked back at 2000 in the 20 elections just long enough to remind the voters to be vigilant about their voting and report any misconduct they may see now or at the time our voting.

By outdoing Liberal Democrats this is what I’m getting at, in his speech he named the four five things that would have to be done to get our country back on track. Number one getting the police departments back up the full speed.

2 the National Guard soldiers, that were fired because they wouldn’t take the jab. he would bring them back and give them their back pay and that’s fair, who in the hell has the right to tell a human being what he or she has to put into his or her body. That happens in communist countries ran by dictators where you have no human rights.

3 he wants to get the schools back up to full speed. do away with this mentality of trying to teach children what’s wrong with our country, what’s wrong with their sex,any idea that parents don’t have the right to know what you’re putting in a small child’s mind is crazy,

He wants to get the border under control, and he’s is right,we are under an invitation over one hundred countries are coming across the border illegal ,people bringing drugs and diseases at an alarming rate where each week thousands of our wonderful citizens are dying from illegal drugs

He would make us energy independent once again, without energy there is no country. I’m not gonna go into everything he wants to do, basically, he has laid out the 2024 presidential platform oh bill add a few more things if someone else runs we’ve got a show that we’re an independent print

listen to two voters who complain about Donald Trump, both voters and other politicians they never have a bad thing to say about his programs, they don’t like sometimes it’s temper tantrums, too much tweeting but no one and I mean no one that’s running for office criticizes his program.

So let’s assume at president Biden’s henchman, indicted trump so he cannot run ,great we have other options eg governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and a great number two spot would be governor Christy nomes of South Dakota.

Another possibility is the new governor of Virginia, so far is doing a great job and he may be ready for primetime in 2024. My advice would be is he should have one term completed, so does not appear they took that job as a stepping stone, for another VP spot Nikki Haley of South Dakota. end the list goes on and on so my advice,to or Liberal Democratsfriends keep on digging your political, obituary hole, deeper and deeper. This cowboy will not get in the way of your political shovel.

And that’s the way I see it cowboy Ron

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