Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape also targeted Tom Hanks, Gavin Newsom & Hunter Biden in ‘suicide mission’

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Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape also targeted Tom Hanks, Gavin Newsom & Hunter Biden in ‘suicide mission’


Marjorie Hernandez and

Evan Simko-Bednarski

December 14, 2022 5:18pm 


DA Brooke Jenkins commenting about the outcome of David DePape’s preliminary hearing

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The man who allegedly beat Paul Pelosi within an inch of his life with a hammer had a list of other targets including Hunter Biden, Tom Hanks and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a court heard Wednesday.

San Francisco Police Sgt. Carla Hurley testified Wednesday David DePape — who had gone to the Pelosi residence with the intention of kidnapping House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — made the admissions in a post-arrest interview.

In a video of the interview played for the court, conspiracy-obsessed DePape made rambling claims against Pelosi and the Democratic party — and claimed his break-in was the start of a wider crime spree.

Hurley testified DePape, 42, told her his other targets included Newsom, Hanks, Biden and Gayle Rubin — a University of Michigan professor who writes on queer theory, sex and gender.

DePape’s choice of targets and reasoning was unclear, beyond a general dislike of Democratic Party politicians and left-leaning figures.

David DePape went to the Pelosi residence with the intention of kidnapping Nancy Pelosi.
David DePape
Police officers gave a first-hand account of the brutal assault on Paul Pelosi on Dec. 14, 2022.

“There is evil in Washington. It’s this f–king record-breaking crime spree!” DePape said in the video. “The Democratic Party was for the past four years — This was f–king insane … So not only were they spying … they were spying, covering it up … They go from one crime to another crime, it’s the whole f–king 4 years.”

Once inside the Pelosi residence, DePape said he had told Paul Pelosi he couldn’t be stopped.

“I explained to him — I have other targets,” DePape said on the video. “I can’t be stopped. If you are willing to stop me, I’m not going to be stopped here.”PREVIOUS


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