Liz Cheney,’ The Republican Party is doomed IF we Don’t?’

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Liz Cheney The Republican Party is doomed IF we Don’t? get rid of President Donald J Trump. The only thing she is sincere about is her hatred of the president.

So here we go again, the ends justified the means,I was told that Adolf Hilter coins the fraze.

No, no Liz you’re mistaken circumventing the American people from voting is far worth anything that you made up about the president.

Now that your career is in the tolic we don’t want to hear that you were doing this for the republican party, that won’t fly, you are not the cavalry coming over the hill just in the nick of time.

We know who you are, a Rino that should have had the courage to reg as a liberal dem.

So in November, you are up the creek without a paddle. by the way after the nov election, you will haft to get in line for a tv spot because there will be hundreds of liberal Demicrote looking for work. By the way, work is not the four-letter word that your parents said over to used/

And that the way I see it cowboy Ron

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