Learn to distinguish reality from fiction and use that to fight diabetes!

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Learn to distinguish reality from fiction and use that to fight diabetes!

The main misconception about American life-shortening disease, diabetes. Dr. William Clapton explains, who is an American endocrinologist.

As of today, he is considered the best diabetes care specialist in the country. All celebrities with diabetes got out of their way to get a consultation from him. This includes patients from France, Germany, Great Britain and other countries – they all go straight to him. He is one of the most important endocrinologists in the country. He’s written 32 scientific books, and there are 3 times as many scientific publications in journals in his professional arsenal.

Dr. William Clapton rarely gives interviews, but agreed to answer our correspondent’s questions. Below you will find important tips to help in your fight against diabetes.


Topics covered in the article:

  • What is the most important thing when it comes to treating diabetes?
  • Why do 95% of diabetics fail to cope with their diseases?
  • When is it possible to fight diabetes

Metformin is not what you need!

Doctors sound the alarm while pharmacy chains accept patients

Dr. William Clapton:

“As of today, metformin-based drugs are the basis of practically all treatment methods. However, this is a delusion shared by illiterate patients and doctors. Metformin is a straight path to illness and untimely death. This isn’t treatment. If you come to your doctor with type 2 diabetes and he prescribes treatment based on these drugs, run away from such a doctor immediately.

All of these drugs increase blood insulin to critical levels. With this amount of insulin, the blood becomes thick, like condensed milk. In large quantities, insulin causes colossal harm to the body. It literally destroys the liver, kidneys and other excretory organs. Insulin is similar in consistency and action to stomach acid. Imagine what would happen if stomach acid filled your internal organs. It would burn right through them!

Elevated insulin levels corrode cells, thereby contributing to their abnormal division, and this is already nothing less than oncology. For this reason, CANCER DEVELOPS IN 28% OF DIABETICS, as statistics show.

Plus, it is the high insulin content that leads to the rapid clogging of blood vessels with cholesterol plaques, since insulin-rich blood becomes thick and starts moving slower. As a result, blood vessels become clogged with cholesterol plaques, which in turn leads to pressure surges. Hypertension accompanies 98% of diabetics. Many other problems with the cardiovascular system appear as well.

List of threatening consequences of metformin-based therapy

  • Gastrointestinal disorders (most often diarrhea, heartburn, belching, stomach ulcers)
  • Hypertension – pressure surges, especially in the evenings, headaches, stuffy ears, waves of fear.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver – the liver becomes a connective tissue and stops purifying the blood, the whole body is filled with toxins
  • Kidney stones due to intensive excretion of salts and sugar
  • Oncological diseases
  • Early death due to destroyed blood vessels
  • Blindness

The development of complications, of course, depends on the time and amount of drug intake, as well as on the individual characteristics of a person. However, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID THEM ENTIRELY!

If metformin kills, why is it used?

Unfortunately, not many doctors today actually care about the health of their patients. I would even go as far as to say they couldn’t care less. They just do their job and get paid for it. They don’t care if you get well or not. That’s why without a second thought they prescribe whatever their superiors or the Ministry tell them to. And what they’re told to prescribe are metformin-based drugs, since their sale brings good profits. And it also provides an effect, albeit a temporary one.

Such indifference can’t cure diabetes!

Patients, as a rule, do not know what consequences await them from the constant use of this drug, and doctors do not find it necessary to talk about it.

Treating diabetes with chemically aggressive drugs should be illegal! But type II diabetes can be cured! All you need to do is choose the correct treatment method!

Dr. William Clapton:

I often have patients who have been treated with metformin for several years. These are sick people, people who have aged far sooner than they should have..

Still, most often, patients find out they have type II diabetes during a check up. At the same time, up to that point, the patient, as a rule, felt fine and would never have thought that they had high blood sugar. And then they are prescribed metformin with an increased dosage..

As a result, the sugar levels drop, but over time, the person’s condition begins to gradually deteriorate. The patient begins to complain of chronic fatigue, obesity, high blood pressure, headaches. Their legs begin to swell, and in the morning so does their face. They feel like bells are constantly ringing in their ears. Fingers go numb and limbs grow cold. Eyesight falls. Their memory deteriorates.

The doctors say that it’s all because of diabetes. But in fact, it’s all because of insulin! Or rather, because of metformin, which increases the production of hormones to abnormal levels!

HOWEVER, DO NOT THINK THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO TREAT DIABETES AT ALL. If forced to choose between treating diabetes with metformin and not treating it at all, then, of course, you should pick the first option. Type 2 diabetes will kill you even earlier if left untreated. Just with other symptoms.

The sugaring of blood vessels and internal organs!

Imagine candied cherries or raspberries. The same thing happens to all your blood vessels if you have diabetes.The walls of blood vessels become saturated with sugar and become brittle. As a result, the vessels lose the ability to narrow and expand. The smaller vessels die off first, promptly followed by the medium and large ones. Vessels feed the internal organs. The deterioration of blood supply leads to the development of chronic diseases.

How diabetes is killing you from the inside out:

Loss of eyesight.

Diabetes makes a person go blind. Forever. It is impossible to restore diabetes-damaged eyesight even with the help of laser correction, since retinal detachment occurs as a result of many hemorrhages.

The kidneys get destroyed.

Sugar just clogs up the ureters. The environment in the kidneys becomes incredibly sweet. Sugar is a preservative. It preserves the kidneys. Gradually they die. Chronic renal failure is just the tip of the iceberg. The kidneys can be lost completely.

The joints stop moving.

Joint movement is provided by synovial fluid. When the vessels stop nourishing the joint, the synovial fluid is no longer secreted. The joint just dries up. As a result the person is forced to endure excruciating pain. Even painkillers do not help. The joint freezes completely. A person loses the ability to move independently.

The nervous system breaks down.

The nerves, like many other organs, suffer from excess sugar. Over time, the diabetic develops psychoses, the person becomes emotionally unbalanced. They are often tormented by depression, nothing pleases him. They just want to lie down and die.

The skin begins to rot!

No matter how you look at it diabetes is a very dangerous disease. Perhaps even the most dangerous. I am very sorry for people who are diagnosed with diabetes. I try to help them, but everything depends, first of all, on them.

If metformin is out of the question, how do we treat diabetes? Take, for example, the average senior citizen who developed diabetes with age. Now their sugar levels are constantly rising. Let’s say they are taking metformin and are not feeling well. What can they do to fight the diabetes? Can they do it on their own?

Dr. William Clapton:

Let me reiterate – type 2 diabetes is a complex, dangerous and systemic disease. This is not the common cold or a case of diarrhea. It is much more serious. The disease affects the entire body, and therefore treatment must also be systemic. It is INSUFFICIENT AND HARMFUL to simply raise your insulin levels and be done with it..

Diabetes treatment should be comprehensive and should be done only with drugs that, in addition to lowering the sugar levels, also ensure the safety of the rest of the body.

If we talk about specific drugs that people can use to treat diabetes on their own, then I would recommend a drug called “BioLyfe Blood Booster“. It was developed in 2015 by the Institute of Endocrinology of USA. It isn’t random chemical elements like metformin, but a NATURAL ANTI-DIABETIC COMPLEX, WHICH CONTAINS OVER 60 (!) DIFFERENT ACTIVE COMPONENTS.

The drug contains all the vitamins, macro- and microelements most necessary for diabetics. BioLyfe Blood Booster contains 28 herbal extracts collected from different parts of the world.

BioLyfe Blood Booster is good because it does not harm the body. In fact, it even strengthens it. But most importantly, it has a positive effect on the disease from all sides.

60 active ingredients is a lot. No other drug in the world can boast such a rich composition.

BioLyfe Blood Booster‘s effectiveness is unprecedented! After we started recommending this remedy to our patients, the recovery percentage… And I mean TOTAL RECOVERY FROM DIABETES MELLITUS increased to 96%. This means that 96 out of 100 people say goodbye to their condition. Their sugar no longer rises and they feel great.

An honest letter about the treatment of diabetes

I want to show you a letter from Abby Hicks, a senior citizen from Texas. She did not receive treatment at our clinic (she could not come to us, as she did not feel well). I told her over the phone about BioLyfe Blood Booster. As a result, she was cured.

This is what she wrote.

“Why do other doctors hide from the people such a wonderful drug that is BioLyfe Blood Booster? I had terrible diabetes. For 18 years it was my companion. Ever since I turned 49. Recently it had led to serious complications in the eyes and kidneys. My kidneys barely functioned, I reeked of acetone. My daughter couldn’t stand to be in the same room with me. Add to that constant leg ulcers, blackened legs and fingertips. I was literally dying. Our doctors said I didn’t have much time left.

I told my daughter to think about my last days. I had a good life, but I still didn’t want to die. Even when I screamed in hysterics that I wanted to drop dead, I didn’t actually mean it. Your clinic became my last hope. I knew that you are successfully treating diabetes, but still somehow I couldn’t believe it until the end – after all, everyone says that it cannot be cured, that I’ll just be wasting my time. That’s why I didn’t go in person. But then I saw you

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