k.It’s Really Hard to Get Fired

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Ronnie McGinley 
NEWSLETTER ON LINKEDINWSJ Careers & Leadership By The Wall Street JournalOpen this article on LinkedIn to see what people are saying about this topic. Open on LinkedInGetting Fired Takes Hard Work in This EconomyHappy Monday. In this edition we’ll explore why it’s so hard to get fired these days, how to care less about all those emails piling up in your inbox, and the complexities of taking a sick day to get over Covid-19.This is a short version of The Wall Street Journal’s Careers & Leadership newsletter. Sign up here to get the full edition in your inbox every week.It’s Really Hard to Get Fired Right NowIn the tightest labor market in half a century, bosses are putting up with poor performers because there’s no guarantee of finding someone better. “Most companies—and us, in some cases—are keeping people who wouldn’t be on the team in a looser market,” says the CEO of a Boston-based marketing firm that uses artificial intelligence.es are putting up with poor performers in a tight labor market because there’s no guarantee of finding someone betterRead the full article here.How to Care Less About Your EmailSo many of us spend our days ruled by email: Constantly refreshing, wading through detritus, paralyzed by the pressure of crafting a reply to the one note that actually matters. Take a page from the email slackers and naysayers and try declaring email bankruptcy, setting filters—and just letting it go, writes Work & Life columnist Rachel Feintzeig.Read the full article here.Sick With Covid, 

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