joe Biden may believe his policy decisions are in the best interests of America, bu

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Joe Biden may believe his policy decisions are in the best interests of America, but his history has proven disastrous to many Americans, especially retirees.In 1983, he voted to levy a tax on 50% of retirees’ Social Security income, a benefit that was once free.A decade later, in 1994, he decided that taxing 50% of Social Security benefits just wasn’t enough, so he voted to tax 85% of it.In 2000, unsatisfied with the government’s revenue from retirees, Biden voted AGAINST the Estate Tax Elimination Act which would have eased estate taxes by 2010.In Biden’s eyes, none of these measures are generating enough revenue from retirees to fund the government’s fiscal spending engine.So, now he’s going for a bigger prize: $3.3 TRILLION IN TAX REVENUE.And he plans to continue raiding Americans’ nest eggs to fund his spending programs.How’s he going to do this, you ask.The plan is simple: first, expand estate taxes; second, equalize the benefits across tax brackets.The keyword is “equalize.” What seems “fair” on the surface may actually yield a deceptive and draconian outcome.Equalization means that some Americans will end up with much less while others, deserving or not, may end up with significantly more.In short, there is no “equality” in Biden’s notion of “equalization.” It’s just another revenue grab at your expense.So, what might happen to you and your money in this seemingly random draw of lots?Needless to say, this is not something to take lightly. This is your retirement.You have the right to take no action whatsoever, if that’s what you choose.Just bear in mind that you risk a significantly higher tax burden, a reduction of your benefits, and a loss of money that you need to pay for your retirement costs.If you’re prepared for that outcome, then you need not do anything.BUT, if keeping your hard-earned money is absolutely critical, then you need to take action NOW, before Biden changes the tax laws.Think of Biden’s history in supporting the government’s revenue-generating capacity by dipping into Americans’ retirement savings.Biden’s New Deal is, sadly, a “Raw Deal.”Now it may be your turn to give up a large portion of your hard-earned retirement savings to fund Biden’s spending, UNLESS you do something about it.There is a unique IRS loophole that will soon disappear. This loophole can help protect your retirement funds, whether it’s an IRA, 401(k), pension, TSP, or even your savings account.And it can protect your money in a way that’s 100% tax-free and penalty-free. That is, until the loophole permanently disappears.

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