In Washington, Money grows on Trees

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In Washington Money grows on Trees, That was one of my father’s great stories Dad was from Knoxville Tenn but came to Washington during the Great Depression. He was a plumper. in 1950 Knoxville was a poor town so dad would try and get kin folk to come to dc for work.

Our family was divided into two camps Onew who like to work, and those who did not or would not work.

he invited a member to come to Washington and he would help him get a job.

Clide came but dad was at work so clide called dad when dad got home and the conversation went like this.

“Hey Bill I am here I call you early, but you were at work.

Dad “how did you keep busy?’

“O I went sightseeing, saw the great sights. went down to the title basen and you were right money does grow on trees in DC,


“Them their cherry blossom trees had twenty dollars bills growing all over them?”

Dad, “How many did you Pick?

“Shuck none, I ain’t going to work on my first day in d.c.

Great story coewboy ron

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