Food shortages ALWAYS follow whenever THIS happens…

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Report: How to Survive the Global Food CrisisA recent global report confirms what many of us already suspected: We are about to experience the worst food crisis since World War II.The causes are varied and “mutually reinforcing”—a combination of:Fertilizer Shortages – We import $5.43 billion of our fertilizer annually. The Ukrainian conflict cuts us off from those sources.Rising Energy Prices – Energy prices are projected to jump 50.5% this year, according to the World Bank.Inflation and Looming Recession – The feds just increased rates. Eight of the last nine times that happened, recession followed.The Outcome? MASSIVE Food ShortagesThe most devastating result of these developments will be massive food shortages, much worse than what we faced at the height of COVID.The government can see this coming, which is why they’re hosting the first food insecurity conference in 50 years.But we all know the government cannot save us from this.Emergency Food: Your Best Investment against What’s ComingFortunately, you can get through this. Go to…PrepareWithBreitbart.comYou’ll find a helpful offer from My Patriot Supply—the nation’s largest preparedness company.They have millions of satisfied customers—and now they want to help everyone prepare for what’s coming by slashing $150 off their 3-Month Emergency Food Kit.Go to without delay.Those who know what’s coming are preparing TODAY.Sale pricing ends 05/26/22Click Here Now »   My Patriot Supply
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