Boy was I wrong

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Boy was I wrong, I thought this would definitely be a red wave!

My guessing ability it’s usually better than the paid political pundits.

Not only did I think there was a red wave coming on November 8th I thought it would be the mother of all red waves. What I didn’t factor in there’s so many seats to be had in the Congress and there’s only so many seats that can be flipped and remember in the Senate only 1/3 run for election or reelection at one time.

listen to ai interesting analysis in the 2000 election Joe Biden did not have a coattail effect so the Republicans picked up a lot of seats in 2020 and basically there was not many seats to be had. I do agree that the Republicans spent too much time identifying the problem and too little time coming up with positive solutions really you don’t need to tell a house wife when she  goes to shopping buys gas for a car or the husband currently buys gas maybe does some of the shopping their prices are going up ,the republican would been  far better off to explain they were going to correct the problem come hell high water.

                    Let’s talk about the Walker campaign in Georgia I started to call into one of the hosts they kept talking about fetteryman thishandicap he couldn’t do the job because he was handicapped well ferriman if elected in the runoff will not be the first member of Congress either lower house or the Senate to work around a handicap print and they a lot of people find this offensive picking on someone with a handicap that’s willing to to run.

I believe the better course of action would have been went back to the basics when fetterman had all of his faculties you look at his plans his pull work attendance and it’s trying to thought rationalization if you would was very immature not well thought out and no due diligence

now on the good side the Republicans now have control Congress and looked at what damage pelocy  did when she had a minority of Congress show to the Republicans we now have the power of the purse we can rreduck  cut off wasted money bills, we can subpoena impeach and possibly get vital bills pass through Congress this has to be an awakening to everyone especially Democrats that this was a very close call the other thing the Republicans has going for hthemthe American people the voter really likes the divided government not too bad though some famous conquerors won many battles by seek divide and destroy I don’t believe our democracy was ever in danger through an election,it  lives in danger when a a parent at a school board meeting jail is in danger for expressing his her opinion or was harassed by the FBI because they’re on bidens enimy list enemies list it’s probably not constitutional definitely not American, as only use by those people that are in fea

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