Arizona Governor Election Results

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Arizona Governor Election Results

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Arizona’s top election official, Katie Hobbs, who defended the state’s 2020 election results, is the Democrat competing with Kari Lake, a Republican and former news anchor who has become a champion of the far right.

Latest results from 4m ago


Katie HobbsDemocrat902,521+50.33%50.33%
Kari LakeRepublican890,795+49.67%49.67
Total reported1,793,316

Timing of results

Most people were expected to vote early — by mail, in-person or by drop box. Those ballots require the verification of voters’ signatures, and officials said the timing of results would depend on how many people returned their ballots at the last minute on Election Day.

Results by county

CountyMarginVotesPercent of votes in% In
MaricopaHobbs +41,061,98665%
PimaHobbs +23237,03457%
PinalLake +16114,92982%
YavapaiLake +26100,21692%
MohaveLake +4970,66285%
CoconinoHobbs +2540,24285%
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70Vote shareSize of lead

How votes compare with 2020

The map below shows how votes cast in this race compare with votes cast in the 2020 presidential election in the same area. Only counties that have reported almost all of their votes are shown.

No counties have finished reporting votes



More Dem.

More Rep.

Compared with 2020 presidential vote in places that have reported almost all of their votes.

Analyzing the vote

Your guide to the midterm results, from Times reporters‹›

  • Texas Governor ›Despite defeat, O’Rourke maintained support along the borderThe feared Democratic collapse along the Rio Grande didn’t materialize. Beto O’Rourke performed better than expected in these majority-Hispanic counties. — NATE COHN 9h ago
  • U.S. Senate ›What each party needs to win control of the SenateDemocrats and Republicans each need to win three more competitive Senate seats to win control of the chamber (in addition to the races they are expected to win most easily). Here’s the state of the closest races: — LAZARO GAMIO 10h ago
  • Pennsylvania Senate ›Fetterman ahead in counties finished countingWith more counties nearly finished counting, things keep looking better for Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. He’s outperforming Biden across the state and is currently up 8 points in counties that were the closest in 2020. — ALICIA PARLAPIANO 10h ago
  • When polls close ›Polls close at midnight Eastern in two statesAlaska has competitive races for both the Senate and the House, neither of which is a straightforward Democrat-versus-Republican affair. Don’t expect quick results in either race; officials in Alaska won’t finish counting absentee ballots for about two weeks. — MAGGIE ASTOR 10h agoposter for video
  • Florida Governor ›How Majority-Hispanic counties voted in FloridaGov. DeSantis outperformed Trump in Florida in every county that has nearly finished counting votes. While the three majority-Hispanic counties — Hendry, Miami-Dade and Osceola — shifted the most, Latino turnout tends to drop more in the midterms compared with other groups. — ALICIA PARLAPIANO 10h agoposter for video
  • Arizona Senate ›Arizona’s Senate race looks like a tossupThe early vote in Arizona has been strong for Democrat Mark Kelly, but we expect a good portion of the in-person and late-counted mail vote to favor Blake Masters. It could be awhile before all votes are counted. — ALICIA PARLAPIANO 11h agoelection results graphic
  • When polls close ›Polls close at 11 p.m. Eastern in two statesIn Washington State, Senator Patty Murray is facing a strong Republican challenge, though she remains favored to win. Aside from that, the main action at this hour will be in the House, with a close race in Washington’s 8th District and at least half a dozen in California. — MAGGIE ASTOR 11h agoposter for video
  • Wisconsin Senate ›Wisconsin is leaning toward JohnsonIt’s still early in Wisconsin, but it looks close. In the counties where most of the vote is in, Senator Ron Johnson is running ahead of Trump. — NATE COHN 11h agoelection results graphic
  • Kentucky Amendment 2 ›Kentuckians appear to rebuke restrictive abortion amendmentKentucky, a solidly red state, reelected Rand Paul to the Senate. But so far, voters are rejecting an effort to deny abortion rights. However the state already bans abortions, and that is unlikely to change. — LAZARO GAMIO 12h agoposter for video
  • Pennsylvania Senate ›Early returns favor FettermanIt’s still early, but Fetterman is running ahead of Biden in five Pennsylvania counties that have reported nearly all of their votes. — NATE COHN 12h agoelection results graphic
  • The Needle ›How to read The Needle chartsThese charts show how the reported vote margin (the dashed line) compares with our estimated final margin (the solid line, surrounded by bands of uncertainty) over time. When reported data comes in that is not what we expected, our model will update and incorporate this new data. — LAZARO GAMIO 12h agoelection results graphic
  • Virginia 7th District ›Fast counting in rural Virginia counties boosts Vega, Republican candidateRural counties in Virginia’s 7th district are counting votes more quickly than its most populous and left-leaning county, Prince William. It’s giving Yesli Vega, the Republican candidate, an edge over incumbent Abigail Spanberger, though this could be temporary. Here’s where we think votes remain. — KENNEDY ELLIOTT 12h agoposter for video
  • When polls close ›Polls close at 10 p.m. Eastern in five statesNevada is the last big swing state of the day, and virtually everything is up for grabs: The races for Senate, three House seats, governor and secretary of state. There is also an unexpectedly competitive Senate race in Utah between Senator Mike Lee, a Republican, and Evan McMullin, an independent. — MAGGIE ASTOR 12h agoposter for video
  • Florida Governor ›Shift to the right in FloridaThe shift to the right has been dramatic among counties in Florida reporting nearly all their votes. Eight of those counties that voted for Biden in 2020 shifted 16 points to the right in the race for governor, and 12 points in the Senate race. — LAZARO GAMIO 13h agoposter for video
  • When polls close ›Polls close at 9 p.m. Eastern in 10 statesArizona has multiple races featuring Republicans who have questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election. In Wisconsin, Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican, is up for re-election against Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, and there is a close contest for governor. — MAGGIE ASTOR 13h agoposter for video
  • Ohio Senate ›Another state with misleading early returns: OhioDemocrat Tim Ryan leads Republican J.D. Vance in the returns, but almost all of the results are early votes, which we expect to disproportionately favor Democrats. Here’s where we think votes remain. — ALICIA PARLAPIANO 13h agoelection results graphic
  • Georgia Senate ›Why early results may be misleading in GeorgiaSenator Raphael Warnock is out with an early lead in Georgia, but it could all be just a mirage. Most of the vote reporting so far is early, and Democrats are expected to win those votes by a large margin. — NATE COHN 14h agoposter for video
  • The Needle ›The NYT Needle is liveThe Times’s election forecast is now running. We use early returns and polling data to estimate in real time the outcome of the elections for Senate and House control. Here’s how it works › — NATE COHN 14h agoelection results graphic
  • When polls close ›Polls close at 8 p.m. Eastern in 19 states and D.C.Pennsylvania is home to a close Senate race between Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a Democrat, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Republican. Michiganders are voting on abortion rights. And Kansas’ Democratic governor, Laura Kelly, is in a tight re-election race, as is Gov. Janet Mills of Maine. — MAGGIE ASTOR 14h agoposter for video
  • When polls close ›Polls close at 7:30 p.m. Eastern in three statesRepublicans are favored to win the open Senate races in North Carolina and Ohio, but if Democrats have a better-than-expected day, these are two places we might see evidence of it. We’ll also be watching competitive House races in N.C.-13 and Ohio-9. — MAGGIE ASTOR 15h agoposter for video
  • Florida Governor ›Early vote in Miami shows Republican strengthGov. Ron DeSantis winning the early vote in Miami-Dade County — which voted for Hillary Clinton by +29 points just six years ago — is yet another sign of growing Republican strength among Hispanic voters. — NATE COHN 15h agoposter for video
  • When polls close ›Polls close at 7 p.m. Eastern in six statesThe Georgia Senate race, which could go to a Dec. 6 runoff, could determine which party controls the chamber. In Virginia, the performances of Democratic incumbents in the 2nd and 7th districts may offer early indications of how the party will fare in House races overall. — MAGGIE ASTOR 15h agoposter for video
  • U.S. House ›What’s at stake in the HouseRepublicans must win just 19 competitive seats to retake majority control from the Democrats. To retain control of the House, Democrats must win 46 of these seats (after accounting for the races the parties are expected to win most easily). — ALICIA PARLAPIANO 16h agoposter for video
  • When polls close ›First polls close at 6 p.m. Eastern in Kentucky and IndianaIn Kentucky, voters will decide whether to approve a constitutional amendment that would effectively ensure the implementation of a near-total abortion ban. In Indiana, a House race in the 1st district leans Democratic, but, if the seat were to flip, it could be an early sign of a red wave. — MAGGIE ASTOR 16h agoposter for video
  • U.S. Senate ›What’s at stake in the SenateIf Democrats hold onto two seats leaning their way, they will need to win three additional tossup seats to maintain control of the Senate. Republicans would need just two tossup seats beyond what they are favored to win. — LAZARO GAMIO 17h agoposter for video
  • Results timing ›Results in key Senate races could take awhileSix of the eight most competitive Senate races are in states that did not call a winner in the presidential race until after election night: Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. What we expect this year › — ALICIA PARLAPIANO 22h agoposter for video
  • Early returnsBe wary of ‘mirages’ on election nightBecause of the order in which different types of ballots are counted, early returns can be misleading. In 2020, Virginia’s early vote for president favored Republicans, while Pennsylvania’s skewed toward Democrats. These “mirages” show that vote margins early in the night can change significantly. — LAZARO GAMIO 22h agoposter for video
  • When polls close ›Polls in most states will close by 9 p.m. EasternResults will begin coming in at 6 p.m. Eastern as the first polls close in Indiana and Kentucky, but the pace will really pick up with a slew of closings at 7 and 8. By 9 p.m., the polls will have closed in a majority of states. — MAGGIE ASTOR 22h agoposter for video

About this data

2022 General Election Results

Issues on the Ballot

Past Election Results

Source: Election results are from The Associated Press. The Times estimates the share of votes reported and the number of remaining votes, based on historic turnout data and reporting from results providers. These are only estimates, and they may not be informed by reports from election officials. The Associated Press also provides estimates for the share of votes reported, which are shown for races for which The Times does not publish its own estimates.

The Times’s election results pages are produced by Michael Andre, Aliza Aufrichtig, Kristen Bayrakdarian, Neil Berg, Matthew Bloch, Véronique Brossier, Irineo Cabreros, Sean Catangui, Andrew Chavez, Nate Cohn, Lindsey Rogers Cook, Alastair Coote, Annie Daniel, Saurabh Datar, Avery Dews, Asmaa Elkeurti, Tiffany Fehr, Andrew Fischer, Lazaro Gamio, Martín González Gómez, Will Houp, Jon Huang, Samuel Jacoby, Jason Kao, Josh Katz, Aaron Krolik, Jasmine C. Lee, Vivian Li, Rebecca Lieberman, Ilana Marcus, Alicia Parlapiano, Jaymin Patel, Marcus Payadue, Matt Ruby, Rachel Shorey, Charlie Smart, Umi Syam, Jaime Tanner, James Thomas, Urvashi Uberoy, Ege Uz, Isaac White and Christine Zhang.

Reporting by Grace Ashford, Maggie Astor, Michael C. Bender, Sarah Borell, Sarah Cahalan, Emily Cochrane, Nick Corasaniti, Jill Cowan, Catie Edmondson, Reid J. Epstein, Nicholas Fandos, Lalena Fisher, Trip Gabriel, Katie Glueck, J. David Goodman, Blake Hounshell, Shawn Hubler, Annie Karni, Maya King, Stephanie Lai, Lisa Lerer, Jonathan Martin, Patricia Mazzei, Alyce McFadden, Jennifer Medina, Azi Paybarah, Mitch Smith, Tracey Tully, Jazmine Ulloa, Neil Vigdor and Jonathan Weisman; production by Andy Chen, Amanda Cordero, Alex Garces, Chris Kahley, Laura Kaltman, Andrew Rodriguez and Jessica White; editing by Wilson Andrews, Kenan Davis, William P. Davis, Kennedy Elliott, Amy Hughes, Ben Koski, Allison McCartney and Karen Workman.

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