Arizona Columnist Rips Kari Lake’s ‘Cuckoo Land’ Delusion Of Being Governor

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  • Katie Hobbs

Election Denier Won’t Concede

Besides fighting so-called election fraud, Kari Lake, the right-wing Republican, is also fighting Tom Petty’s estate.


Arizona Columnist Rips Kari Lake’s ‘Cuckoo Land’ Delusion Of Being Governor

Mary Papenfuss

Sat, January 7, 2023 at 6:27 PM MST·2 min read

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  • Katie HobbsGovernor-elect of Arizona

A veteran columnist in the Arizona Republic has bashed Republican Kari Lake and her continuing “cuckoo land” fantasy that she’s the state’s governor.

The failed Donald Trump-endorsed candidate lost the November gubernatorial election to Democrat Katie Hobbs. But she still insists on referring to herself as the “duly elected governor of Arizona” despite also losing election appeals and a lawsuit challenging the results.

If Lake is a governor anywhere, it’s the governor of Neverland or Narnia, Middle Earth, Oz or Wonderland — and even then, it’s all in her mind, goofed writer EJ Montini in his column Friday. Lake continues to “reside in a fanciful fantasia of her own creation,” he added. However, it’s not clear if she really buys the fantasy or is simply pretending she does, Montini noted.

He attributed Lake’s journey into the political ozone to her visits to Mar-a-Lago, “Donald Trump’s personal Disneyland,” where she “seems to have fallen completely under the spell of the enraptured proselytes who populate the former president’s conspiracy-driven Shangri-la.”

She apparently learned there that you could say you won an election even when you lost and act like you’re not embarrassed to say so.

Lake “used to reside in the real world, the one where facts are facts and events that actually, you know, happen,” Montini quipped. But no longer.

“Alice woke up and left Wonderland. Dorothy returned home to Kansas from Oz,“ Montini wrote.

“Not Kari.”

Check out the full column here.


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