Apple aims to embed more deeply into cars with its software

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Apple aims to embed more deeply into cars with its software

At its developers’ conference Apple showed off a new car dashboard that can display data like speed, fuel levels.

The new MacBook Air is unveiled during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference
Apple has doubled down on its existing products, including its laptops [File: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg]

Published On 7 Jun 20227 Jun 2022

Apple Inc has announced it would more deeply integrate its software into the core driving systems of cars, even as the iPhone maker rolled out a slew of features for payments and business collaboration and a pair of new laptops.

The presentation on Monday, part of a weeklong event, previews key features for Apple’s developers, which now number 34 million, according to Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook. The wide-ranging upgrades are meant to keep customers loyal and prod them to use more Apple products together – a key strategy of the world’s most valuable tech company. The announcements showed a company that was once an outsider working its way firmly into the mainstream of nearly every screen in day-to-day life.


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The company whose late 1990s turnaround meant branding itself for rebels and troublemakers spent Monday talking up how to use iPads to collaborate on business presentations and how its software will eventually help display fuel economy on car dashboards. Notably absent were any hints of Apple’s expected next big product, a mixed-reality headset that can overlay digital objects on a view of the real world. Hopeful fans got only a few tidbits of new augmented reality technology at a technical talk.

Apple announced Apply Pay Later, a service that lets users make interest-free instalments. The business, which will work over the MasterCard Inc network wherever Apple Pay is accepted, puts Apple in direct competition with payment providers like Affirm Holdings Inc and PayPal Holdings Inc.

But mostly Apple doubled down on existing products. A MacBook Air laptop was redesigned around a new M2 silicon processor, which it says is 35 percent faster than the previous M1 chip. The new laptop will be 2.7 pounds (1.2 kg

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