a red wave is coming Tues

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a red wave is coming Tues, but that is just the beginning. The lib dem will have app 45 days to tank our economy more and keep the illegals coming through the southern border the percentage of inflation is at 8 percent, but this time it will be more cchlling than before, When Trump got the economy moving the first time our ecomy was not in the tank it was flat

getting people back to work wile fighting 8 percent inflation is not an easy matter.

but finally, the speaker of the house and the new republican will haft to deal with the squad and the other super lib right away

These people are not real, they think that men can have babies,car can run on water, if someone break into you home don’t shoot ask them if we went to school together,

don’t worry bout money the tooth ferry,or the easter bunny will pay your bills

And that’s the way I see it cowboy Ron

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