A reasonable conversation, about gun violence in America.

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 A reasonable conversation, about gun violence in America.

 that’s the rub of the problem, right there, they won’t have a reasonable and fair conversation I’m talking about the liberal politicians. They’re so-called outrage of children. 19 and two teachers who were murdered.

  in their minds, a good disaster should not go to waste.

I’m sure that even the Liberal Democrats felt the pain and suffering that the survivors and their families felt. Even so, they are first political animals .compassionate human being second or third.

Like all things that politicians do they want something that can be done quickly, without much work or thought, I call it the light switch, approach you know something you can turn it on and off quickly with no effort.


                life has taught me that all problems big or small can only be solved one inch at a time.

to gets everyone on board it needs to be an honest conversation painted with a broad brush.

               Number one we start with the laws that are already on the books. the gun that are not being enforced by liberal prosecutors and judges

every day in the newspaper we see Ex criminals with felonies on their record. being caught and release they need to be sent to jail for violating their probation Which prevents them from owning a firearm. A felony is never supposed to have a gun again, but we should look at felonies in two-way white-collar criminals who have served their time is probably not a threat to society and I understand that.

But they are letting felons go who have a history of violence. with guns they need to crack down on this and they go back to jail When they violate their probation by owning a gun. Iran

I see no good reason why we can’t have a waiting period. When a person wishes to pick up a pistol in my case I never mind I generally just put mine in a law a way . 3 I think when a person orders body armor again a background check should be made the average person will not be walking around her home wearing body armor

having an armed guard in schools is a good thing, with only one entrance and exit. When and if personnel open another door if it’s not closed and locked that should be treated like a person or persons blocking fire exits in public places that in itself can get you a big fine.

               But as long as the administration is going to be cute and clever and scheme to take our guns away from us there will be no cooperation at all.

               The president suggests that the gun manufacturers should be able to be sued other words he wants to break the gun manufacturers by million in a lawsuit, all the while pretending that he believes in the 2nd amendment. poppycock.

If you had that ridiculous law it would work as a way for other manufacturers could have the company be soon when someone takes a car and drives down the sidewalk mows down many people as we’ve unfortunately seen in the past, could a person that went into a grocery store and picked up a certain chemical and threw it in somebody’s face and blinding them for life could manufacture over normal household product be sued no again it’s just a sneaky way that president Biden wants to take away our guns.

Incidentally, I use my guns for entertainment purposes I have real guns but I have no semi-automatic weapons, so why am I concerned for this reason when they get their way with semi-automatic weapons the next will be lever weapons then single-shot weapons next, and BB guns

The American people or fed up with children being mowed down by animals, but the American people are going to go to the voting polls soon, knowing that only with an honest conversation, we’ll get honest results, the American voter or not stupid.

And that’s the way I see it cowboy Ron

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