DeSantis: People don’t want ‘agenda being shoved down their throats’


DeSantis: People don’t want ‘agenda being shoved down their throats’


Salena Zito

February 18, 2023 7:57am 


Ron DeSantis
“Virtually every major institution in our country is attempting to impose a ‘progressive’ agenda on society,” Florida governor Ron DeSantis tells The Post. “Florida strives to protect the ability of its citizens to live their lives free from this agenda being shoved down their throats.”


DUNEDIN, Florida — Ron DeSantis is chasing the ghosts of his past — as a way to tell the story of his future.

On a Wednesday morning, the 46th governor of Florida is acting as navigator for the state trooper driving the narrow streets of DeSantis’ Gulf Coast hometown — looking for the the Huettig Electric storefront where he worked, installing electrical wiring for commercial businesses, while in high school.

“So much of this stuff has just been built up around here. This was a pretty blue-collar town growing up and it was just small mom-and-pop businesses and strip malls,” DeSantis says, looking intently up and down the streets for the small company that helped him defray the costs of his Ivy League education.

But the Republican smiles when the car rounds the corner of where he believes Huettig’s used to be and instead sees sleek modern condominiums. “Artisan? We definitely didn’t have Artisan when I was growing up,” DeSantis says of what he views as positive changes for his hometown.

Indeed, this city of just about 36,000 has changed a lot since the governor was a boy, as has the entire state, especially since he took office five years ago. Since then, his major governing decisions — from keeping Florida open for business even as much of the country shuttered over pandemic fears, to, this week, announcing a Digital Bill of Rights protecting against Big Tech censorship — has won him lots of attention and praise and attracted new residents from all over the country and beyond.The video player is currently playing an ad.