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Panic Buying in Beijing as Covid Surge Spurs Creeping Restrictions

  • Schools, entertainment venues are closed as streets empty out
  • Residents hunker down as restrictions spread across Beijing

Beijing Braces for Covid With Makeshift CampsUnmuteWATCH: Workers in Beijing are constructing a temporary Covid quarantine facility as new cases surge. Emma O’Brien reports.Source: Bloomberg

ByBloomberg News

November 24, 2022 at 4:04 PM PSTUpdated on

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Beijing’s streets are emptying and grocery delivery services are running out of capacity as rising Covid cases trigger lockdown-like restrictions across swathes of the Chinese capital. 

The city saw 1,854 new infections Thursday, up from 1,611 on Wednesday, as China’s wider outbreak reaches record levels. While food was plentiful in many stores, delivery apps like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s Freshippo — known as Hema in Chinese — and Walmart Inc.’s Sam’s Club were overwhelmed as residents hunkered down. Grocery outlets in Chaoyang, Beijing’s biggest district, no longer took delivery orders. Many restaurants halted even takeaway service.

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