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Fellow Conservative,

Right now, liberals are waging an all-out assault on our nation’s founding principles at the polls, in the courts, in our culture, and in academia.

If we’re going to take our nation back before it’s too late, it is imperative that every conservative know, understand, and stand up for the United States Constitution.

Get the guide now! >>That is why I want to offer you a powerful gift today: The Heritage Guide to the Constitution.

Hundreds of hours of work by dozens of the nation’s top constitutional scholars went into developing this comprehensive guide.

And today, The Heritage Foundation is offering it to you for FREE, in an effort to empower as many of our fellow citizens as possible to defend our nation’s most important document.

Do you remember the last time you checked the news and heard a healthy political debate that referenced the Constitution?

Unfortunately, political affairs often get reduced to surface level banter — without an honest look at the history or heart of the issue at hand.

That’s why for a limited time, we’re offering The Heritage Guide to the Constitution to you at no cost.

This guide will empower you with a resource that explains every clause of the Constitution in a manner that is clear and readily understandable.

In this free digital interactive guide, you’ll find:

  • Useful, clause-by-clause analysis of the entire Constitution and each amendment
  • Input from more than 100 constitutional scholars and legal experts including President Reagan’s former Attorney Ed Meese
  • 475 pages reviewing what the Constitution actually says and how it applies today
  • A copy of the Constitution and the documents that served as its foundation

This resource has been hailed across the nation as an “outstanding Guide,” which is why I consider it one of the finest resources Heritage has ever produced. I think you’ll enjoy reading it, and I know you’ll find use for it each day.

With this powerful Guide in hand, you’ll be ready to stand up to liberal radicals and confidently defend the vision of our Founding Fathers.

This Guide is your step-by-step roadmap to protecting the rights and freedoms that we too often take for granted. I hope you’ll claim your copy today.

Thank you,

Kay Coles James

The Heritage Foundation
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