At GOP urging, Trump turns focus on Clinton emails, ‘short circuit’ explanation Fox News

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At GOP urging, Trump turns focus on Clinton emails, ‘short circuit’ explanation

Fox News  – ‎18 hours ago‎
Donald Trump this weekend pounced on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and her continuing efforts to fully explain her culpability, amid Republicans and other supporters now repeatedly urging him to stick with his likely best winning strategy.

How The Trump Campaign Weakened The Republican Platform On Aid To Ukraine

NPR  – ‎21 hours ago‎
When Republican Party leaders drafted the platform prior to their convention in Cleveland last month, they had relatively little input from the campaign of then-presumptive nominee Donald Trump on most issues – except when it came to a future …
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Politics|A Classified Matter at the White House: Obama’s Star-Studded Galas

New York Times  – ‎10 hours ago‎
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ISIS militants claim capture of US weapons in Afghanistan

The Daily Star  – ‎3 hours ago‎
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Giant Istanbul ‘democracy’ rally set to further strengthen Erdogan

euronews  – ‎4 hours ago‎
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UK considers plan to pay households affected byfracking

Reuters  – ‎3 hours ago‎
Britain is estimated to have substantial amounts of shale gas trapped in underground rocks yet frackingapplications have struggled to find approval from local communities, concerned about noise and environmental impacts.

There’s a new fracking presidential candidate

Fort Worth Star Telegram  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

EOG Boosts Fracking Plans Despite Oil Hovering At $40

Oil and Gas Investor (registration)  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

PD Editorial: How we will make our endorsements for the Nov. 8 election

Santa Rosa Press Democrat  – ‎6 hours ago‎
These interviews will be conducted by our Editorial Board, which includes Sonoma Media Investments CEO Steve Falk, Editorial Director Paul Gullixson, Assistant Editorial Director Jim Sweeney and Community Member Mike Lopez. (We also have another …

EDITORIAL: Soaring rents spell opportunity for smart growth

Colorado Springs Gazette  – ‎3 hours ago‎

EDITORIAL: RGV welcomes high-speed rail possibility

Monitor  – ‎59 minutes ago‎

Glenn Palmer, Grant County’s rogue sheriff: Editorial  – ‎16 hours ago‎

Ebenezer Baptist Church plans bigger sanctuary for growing congregation

Beaumont Enterprise  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎
Other churches in or near downtown, like First Baptist, Westminster Presbyterian and Bethlehem Lutheran, either moved to follow their congregations or closed as congregations grew too small to support a church building.

Dannebrog’s First Baptist Church celebrates 125 years

Grand Island Independent  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

Why Chelsea Clinton Left the BaptistChurch  – ‎Aug 1, 2016‎

Local Baptist leader to address world convention

Jamaica Gleaner  – ‎8 hours ago‎

Video: Clinton on Comey Comments  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎
This week, CNN’s Jake Tapper discusses Hillary Clinton’s false claim that FBI Director James Comey said her public statements about her handling of classified emails were “truthful.

Trump Misfires on Debate Claim  – ‎Aug 1, 2016‎

Trump’s Faulty ‘Rigged’ Reasoning –  – ‎Aug 2, 2016‎

Trump on Tim Kaine’s Gifts  – ‎Jul 25, 2016‎

Day 3 at the Democratic Convention –  – ‎Jul 27, 2016‎

Trump Blasts Kaine for Syrian Refugee Plan –  – ‎Jul 27, 2016‎

False GOP Theme: ‘Unvetted’ Refugees  – ‎Aug 4, 2016‎

Post-convention poll: Clinton retakes lead over Trump

CNN  – ‎Aug 1, 2016‎
The 49% saying the DNC made them feel more apt to vote for Clinton is the fourth highest in CNN/ORC and Gallup polling, dating back to the 1984 Democratic convention.

Gallup: Trump support tumbles after conventions

Politico  – ‎Aug 1, 2016‎

Forget the Polls

American Spectator  – ‎Aug 4, 2016‎

Gallup Poll: Clinton’s Image More Negative Than Ever Before

People’s Pundit Daily  – ‎Jul 26, 2016‎

Japan Protests to China’sAmbassador as Island Tensions Flare

Bloomberg  – ‎4 hours ago‎
Japan said two Chinese vessels entered Japanese territorial waters near the disputed “Senkaku” or “Diaoyu” islands in the East China Sea on Sunday morning in an escalation of tensions between the two nations. Vice Foreign Minister Shinsuke Sugiyama …

U.S. men’s basketball team dominant in win over China

NBC Olympics  – ‎13 hours ago‎

India Hindus: Modi urges action against cow vigilantes

BBC News  – ‎12 hours ago‎

Green godsend or political ploy? The truth aboutethanol in your gas

Digital Trends  – ‎21 hours ago‎
Pull up to just about any gas station pump in America and you’ll see a sticker that says that the gas in that pump contains ethanol. It’s all around you, but most people don’t know much about it. We decided to take a look and find out what this ethanol

Implications for effective tapping ofsolar energy!

Economic Times  – ‎7 hours ago‎

Hegins Township supervisors tablerenewable energy ordinance

Republican & Herald  – ‎9 hours ago‎

How Industrial Firms Invest inRenewable Energy, Affordably

Harvard Business Review  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

Fatal Police Shooting Highlights Inconsistent Body Cam Usage

ABC News  – ‎16 hours ago‎
The critical moment when a gunman opened fire on two San Diego police officers, killing one, may never be seen. The surviving officer only activated his camera after the wounded shooter was running away.

Police: Georgia man killed in shootout with US marshals

The Mercury News  – ‎9 hours ago‎

Woman gets backlash for having invasive bear killed

Fox News  – ‎1 hour ago‎

Helen Bentley, 92, former Maryland congresswoman

The Boston Globe  – ‎12 hours ago‎

Iran is First Country to Ban Pokemon Go

PC Magazine  – ‎15 hours ago‎
Good luck trying to catch ’em all in Iran. The country’s High Council of Virtual Spaces has officially banned the Pokemon Go app, making Iran the first country to do so.

Is Solar Energy Really Too Expensive?

Common Dreams (press release)  – ‎Aug 3, 2016‎
Installing rooftop solar panels can be prohibitively expensive, after all, and it takes years before the resulting energy savings pay off.

How should we pay for solar energy?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

Trip to Solar Strand provides fun lesson on solar energy

University at Buffalo Reporter  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

Working on the sun: UO researchers pioneering solar energy

Oregon Daily Emerald  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

Google’s Project Sunroof puts solar energy within reach

ConsumerAffairs  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

Louisville moves toward solar energyagreement

Colorado Hometown Weekly  – ‎Aug 4, 2016‎

Russia Admits It Mistakenly Flew Drone Over Golan Heights IntoIsrael

Haaretz  – ‎6 hours ago‎
According to senior Jerusalem official, Russians said infiltration of Israeliairspace three weeks ago stemmed from human error, was topic of Putin-Netanyahu conversation; incident was first time Israel opened fire on Russian aircraft operating in Syria.

Reporter asks US: Should Israel pay Palestinian girl $100 for confiscated bike?

Jerusalem Post Israel News  – ‎7 hours ago‎

Obama Claims Israel Now Supports Iran Deal, But Israel Disagrees

Breaking Israel News  – ‎14 hours ago‎

4 reasons why Israel is the perfect place for your spontaneous vacation!

Jerusalem Post Israel News  – ‎4 hours ago‎

Cellcom Israel Announces A Purported Class Action Dismissed

PR Newswire (press release)  – ‎6 hours ago‎

Israeli Police Educate US Counterparts in Counter-Terrorism Methods

Breaking Israel News  – ‎6 hours ago‎

Pennsylvania’s first LDStemple to open in Philadelphia

Daily Herald  – ‎15 hours ago‎
This Aug. 3, 2016 photo shows the new Mormon Temple, center, set to open near Logan Square in Center City in Philadelphia. The Mormon church is offering the general public a rare opportunity to tour its 152nd temple, a first of its kind in Pennsylvania.

FairMormon conference aims to helpLDS address critics

Deseret News  – ‎Aug 2, 2016‎

Rio hosts several Mormon Olympians

Deseret News  – ‎Aug 4, 2016‎

How should the United States balanceborder

ABA Journal  – ‎15 hours ago‎
Concerns about national security have driven much of our recent immigration policy—and many of the discussions taking place in the current U.S. presidential election. But how do policymakers balance those concerns with the rights of American citizens

SA-based sports therapy tech startup expands beyond U.S. (slideshow)

San Antonio Business Journal  – ‎Aug 2, 2016‎

Science without borders

The San Diego Union-Tribune  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

SHANKLIN: Look beyond U.S. bordersfor investment opportunities

Crestview News Bulletin  – ‎Aug 1, 2016‎

Migrants Continue to Risk Lives Crossing US Border From Mexico

Voice of America  – ‎Jul 25, 2016‎

Bureau of Land Management settles two trespass cases in central Montana

KRTV Great Falls News  – ‎Jul 31, 2016‎
The Lewistown and Billings Field Offices of the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) have entered into agreements to settle two related trespass cases in Central Montana.

Bureau of Land Management sets public hearing

Steamboat Pilot & Today  – ‎Jul 25, 2016‎

In brief: Bureau of Land Managementcloses Towell Falls to vehicles

The Spokesman Review (registration)  – ‎Jul 27, 2016‎

SnowflakeTaylor Police, 7/26/16

White Mountain Independent  – ‎Jul 26, 2016‎
July 15 – Police responded to a non-injury accident at milepost 354 on State Route 77 in Taylor. A vehicle with multiple kids hit a deer.

Snowflake, Luna, N.M. host Pioneer Day rodeos

White Mountain Independent  – ‎Aug 2, 2016‎

Navajo County Sheriff’s Office 8/2/16

White Mountain Independent  – ‎Aug 2, 2016‎

J. Harwood Cochrane Founded One of America’s Top Trucking Companies

Wall Street Journal  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎
After dropping out of school at 16, J. Harwood Cochrane delivered milk around Richmond, Va., in a horse-drawn wagon. Within a few years, he started a truckingcompany that helped change the way goods are moved around America. When Mr. Cochrane …

Trucking, Logistics Hiring Rebounded in July

Wall Street Journal  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

Trucking by the Numbers 2016

Fleet Owner  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

Bridge crash: Trucking company has wreck history

Statesman Journal  – ‎Aug 3, 2016‎

Phuket Expat Finance: Brexit – The Aftermath

The Phuket News  – ‎9 hours ago‎
It is safe to say that a lot of this discontent started before the Brexit vote. Large inflows of refugees from the war in Syria have unsettled many.
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GOP congressman says he’ll vote for Libertarian ticket over Trump

Fox News  – ‎6 hours ago‎
Rep. Scott Rigell, R-Va. said Saturday that he would support Libertarian Gary Johnson for president over GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Bradley Cooper Developing Miniseries About Rise Of ISIS For HBO

Huffington Post  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎

Roger Ailes Used Fox News Budget to Finance ‘Black Room’ Campaigns Against His Enemies

New York Magazine  – ‎2 hours ago‎
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Thais await results of referendum on new constitution

Fox News  – ‎2 hours ago‎
BANGKOK – Thais awaited the results Sunday of a referendum on a new constitution that, if accepted, would lay the foundation for a civilian government influenced by the military and controlled by appointed rather than elected officials.

Storm leaves 15 dead, 6 missing, 22 injured in Macedonia

Chicago Tribune  – ‎50 minutes ago‎

Feds open talks on growing human organs inanimals

WJXT Jacksonville  – ‎17 hours ago‎
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is considering lifting a moratorium that blocked funding for experimentation involving human stem cells and animalembryos. The agency proposed the new policy on Thursday.

Is the Trump-Pence pairing working out?

Politico  – ‎18 hours ago‎
To much of the world, Donald Trump and Mike Pence look like a ticket at odds with itself, as the presidential candidate continuously courts controversy while his running mate keeps scrambling to mend fences.

Trump to attend Minneapolis fundraiser

West Fargo Pioneer  – ‎Aug 4, 2016‎

Clinton camp confronts Trump’s Rust Belt strategy

Politico  – ‎Aug 5, 2016‎
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