Prison reform, making our streets safe again.

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Prison reform, making our streets safe again.

      The ugly truth there ain’t no more room in prisons and jails. That is one major reason the new criminals are getting a slap on the wrist and no accountability. It’s so easy for a politicization tp increase the mandatory sentence on a certain crime, it pleases his constituency he looks good on his campaign brochure but does it really do what was intended to do.

One number one question many crooks specially young ones think there  so smart that’s the not going to get caught so it doesn’t matter whether they get one year or 1000. it

About 20 years ago it costs $34,000 a year to House an inmate so that gives us three choices 1 quit putting people in jail, we see alright that’s not working 2 build more prisons, 3 release about a third of the inmates that are already in jail.

If number three would be implemented correctly it could help get the job done. We release the prisoners there have been there awards for several reasons they may have been in a long enough to learn or lesson they may have grown older more mature and less likely to go back to the life of crime Terry

Now we take this money that we’re saving, we don’t build more jails we get we hire more judges more lawyers prosecutors how would you even consider taken 3rd and 4th year law students and let them prosecute. We increased our manpower to the point if you commit a crime you gonna be held accountable within 90 two 120 days depending how long it takes to give you a fair trial.

You see when a criminal know that he’s going to have his trial in a very short period of time not years and years that alone we’ll take a big bite out of crime.

Judge Isaac Parker the hanging judge Fort Smith AR who in one days time hung 5 different criminals sad it’s not the severity of the sentence, but the certainty of the sentence you see nowadays there is no certainty by the time you go to court witnesses are not there sometimes dead.

The other thing we need to consider, is liberal prosecutors that are not enforcing the law. I would say that if a prosecutor how’s a dangerous criminal we committed crimes with weapons if he does not ask for the minimum sentence recommendation there is this person goes out and kill someone else with a gun I think he should be charged as being accessory after the fact

I have no problems with the judge not going along with his recommendationbbut the prosecutor has both a moral and legal obligation to force the laws that are on the books And that the way I see Cowboy R

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