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Pitcure 1

Born July 20 1943 in a home in Knox country Tn. This information was related to me by my mother and her two sister. App Two wk. after I arrived I was chocking. The doctor arrive about two am, after looking me over ,he asked my mother what undertaker should he called. Ant zale said I don’t think he is dead! She put a handkerchief over my mouth and blew in to me and I came back to life. My mother and my two ants told this to me on many occatision


Pit one talking about the West. picture 2 entertaining, with Ropes Whip and guns.

For the first four or five years of my life I was rase buy, my Father and Grandmother, we lived at a house six and Massachusetts ave NW Washington Dc, then Day bought a rooming house located at 811 Six st. N.W. across fromMary Surratt’s home where the lincoln association was plan’

My first recognition of life was people looking down in my baby crin and talking I may have baby talk to me. I may have been two or three dad did not have a lot of money so I would have stayed in that bed till I outgrew it.

Pitcure 3

Entertating in Waldorf Md pit on right is from a newspaper in Pa

My loves stat\rted on F st. in dc that is where all the movies were located when I was young Dad and I went on sat and Sunday in those days a movie was a double feature. we saw roy rogers he took me to see jonny mac brown if I would eat my please a heck of a price to see a great cowboy movie

That me hanging fifty feet in the air spinning two ropes and two guns on the chaps came from nagoes


My grandmother was my mother she had spent much of her young life in the land rush in the Indian territory of ok. She would say Butch those cowboy movie that you and bill go to see don’t tell how tough the cowboys really were on Saturday night when they got to drinking

The photo is the left Mitton in monument valley ut. John Ford Made many movies there.

I wrote and publish this magazine,Rest of the west pub by branded publishing co. money that I had set aside got stolen so I left Frederick md with fifity dollars in my pocket tool a pup tent with a sleeping bag travel eight thousand miles got home had two hundred and forty dollars in my pocket. i would just stop at a business and make my sale pitch they sold best in the morning I would go into a eating place take about twenty books a start singing them people would come over and ask if they could buy an autograph one. i was so broke they could have bought just one page

Grandmother Nelly Mcginley taught me to be strong,have principal, love God and my country Never used the N word, not because it was not political correct But because it would hurt a fellow person feeling.

She had lotc of saying ‘Enough is enough, He wants to live, On marriage first-month honey second-month pie the third month of marriage Get up you s.o.b. and work as well as I

Her advise to a boy of five. Never married a woman that is lazy a wife has to get up a four am to start making bilquiet and fixen breatfesgt for the men fokes, If you don’t feed you’r husband then he will not be strong enough to plow the fields, then there no food and no ones eats.

When you get married stay married the more x wifes you have the more amamony you will pay.

This is a novel that I wrote and published, the story go from the franklin mt west of elpasao to cayon de chello az all these places I have been. Bill Russell gave me the plot Bill I met on my bus he had been a writther for bonza, hi chapperal and twelve o’clock hi.

I read a book on writing western novels bu Matt brumn he said that a western hero should come out of nowhere have strong skill so that were I got the idea From nowhere

My mother and father, broke up and for many years I only saw mom ever year or so,she was a good person and devoted all her energy in raising my older brother Waddevoted husband.e, a wonderful brother,dad and great husband.

below is mom faviort picture of me. also a picture of dad and mom,my Brother Wade Weaver

My Grandmother Nelly McGinley along with my Fathere and my Uncle rase me up till the Time I got Married.

As a young child I had a speech impediment along with being deleciex The learning problem I did not know about until I was in my fifity.

I could no say Grandmother correctly and it came out ganlie and that was her name the rest of her life.

She knew that me and dad went to see the double feature every sat and Sunday. She was conserved and felt that movie was a sin. She had been out in oak with other settler and she would tell me great stories.

One of here favorite was she got bit by a scorpion and the cowboys held her down and pour wicket down her thought. She said “Buth that movie you and bill go to don’t show you the real cowboy on Saturday night when they got drunk and started to whooped it up they fought and fought and drank and fought even more.

I hope to find a picture of her if I have any Grint in me it came from her and dad.

another store she told many time was when we live on six and mass ave nw I was on the porch about four yr old d I had hard candy in my mouth I fell and sucked it down my thought she said he pick me up but I was not breathing,you were blue in the face as blue could get. She scream for help but there was none. at the very last moment my Father came down the walkway, he had got lay off that day.

Dad pick me up by my feet and slap me on the back so hard that the candy left me and flew across the pourch.

Because she told me that store so often. it taught me in times of danger don’t stand around do something, Yep Dad was a good man he stood tall in the Saddle!

Close to a pedal car that dad bought me

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