Einstein ‘proved right’ in new time travel theory– but may not happen in our universe

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Einstein ‘proved right’ in new time travel theory– but may not happen in our universe

TIME travel may be possible, a researcher has claimed, but only in a parallel timeline.

By ANTONY ASHKENAZ22:57, Tue, Apr 26, 2022 | UPDATED: 23:00, Tue, Apr 26, 202222Copy link

Time travel: Documentary looks at Stephen Hawking’s theory

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From HG Wells’s “The Time Machine” to the Avengers: Endgame, travelling through time has been a hallmark of science fiction for over a century. Part of its appeal has been that famous physicists such as Albert Einstein have come up with theories that explain the phenomena of time in such a way that it doesn’t rule out the possibility of time travel. Einstein’s theory of special relativity proposes that time moves relative to an observer and is an illusion.


In his 1905 theory, the combined space and time into a singular entity known as “spacetime”, which physicists over the next century have verified.SponsoredTonalThe Smartest Home Gym You’ve Ever Seenby Taboola

In an article published in the Conversation, Assistant Professor of Physics at Brock University, Barak Shoshany, wrote about the possibility of time travel- with a catch.

One of the biggest obstacles to time travel is the practical requirement for “exotic matter”, which is matter with negative energy, unlike the matter around us, which consists of positive energy.

However Prof Shoshany added: “There is no proof that it is impossible to create exotic matter in sufficient quantities.

Einstein proved right in new time travel theory – but it may not be possible in our universe

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