Aircraft Industries To Start L410 NG Mass Production

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Aircraft Industries To Start L410 NG Mass Production

Czech airframer Aircraft Industries announced that the company has launched a mass production of a new generation “NG” L410 turboprop airplane.POSTED AT 6:24 PM ON MARCH 3, 2018

Aircraft Industries L 410 NG | Photo courtesy of Aircraft Industries

Development of the modernized version took 7 years and cost over €22M.

The original version of the 19-seater started life in 1969. Since then, more than 1,200 have been built. According to the manufacturer, currently, there are over 350 L410s in service in more than 50 countries. Earlier versions of the airplane enjoy high popularity mostly in remote regions with limited infrastructure and frequent rough weather conditions.

Type Certificate for the model was granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency in December 2017.  US Department of Transportation approved the new product design type just a month later, in January 2018.

Aircraft Industries claims that with the new generation, it successfully improved flight parameters and operational characteristics. According to technical parameters published by the company, the manufacturer was able to significantly increase maximum take-off weight as well as almost double the fuel capacity of the aircraft.

The NG version made its debut at last year’s MAKS airshow in Moscow. Its Maiden flight was accomplished on July 29, 2015.

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